10 Ted Lasso Moments That Will Warm Your Heart (Season 2)

10 Ted Lasso Moments That Will Warm Your Heart (Season 2)

Remember our game from the first season’s post? “Try to describe Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso without using the word “heartwarming.”

Well, we’re still waiting.

(We’re also still waiting for season three’s release date, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Though we aren’t sure why someone would be here if they haven’t already immersed themselves into the warm bath that is Ted Lasso, we’ll still offer a warning about spoilers, so continue if you dare.

In the first season, we watched two Kansan football coaches travel to England to work for AFC Richmond, a soccer club. Though it started as a plot by owner Rebecca Welton to enact revenge on her philandering, manipulative, and abusive ex-husband, it ended in a beautiful friendship between her and Ted.

Ted’s positive attitude also affected the team’s morale and taught them much more about themselves than soccer. And despite his own struggles with anxiety in the wake of his wife filing for divorce, Ted coached Richmond through a season that ultimately ended in relegation, yet somehow had a happy and heartwarming conclusion.

That is the beauty of Ted Lasso.

And now we’re here, still desperately awaiting the next season, ready to share with you 10 of the most heartwarming moments from season two.

10. Roy’s Romantic Advice

In the first episode of season two, Rebecca is shown to have started dating a man named John. She and Keeley excitedly pore over his texts, but when Rebecca suggests a double date, John is revealed to be just…“fine.”

Roy is already irritated by John when he claims to be mad about soccer, but reveals that he has no team loyalty and just roots for whoever’s winning. But after John leaves and Roy, Keeley, and Rebecca have a debrief session in the restaurant parking lot, Roy’s real concern is how John makes Rebecca feel.

The outwardly gruff, but soft-hearted Roy tells Rebecca that she shouldn’t just settle for fine, that she deserves to be with someone who makes her “feel like [she’s] been struck by fucking lightning.” It’s a great quote from arguably one of the most quotable characters of the show, and it’s one that clearly means a lot to Rebecca, and to Keeley as well, because it shows her that that’s the way she makes Roy himself feel.

It’s also something that a lot of people in the audience need to hear. And we at ViewSink hope you all find someone who makes you feel like you have been struck by fucking lightning.

9. Taping Over Dubai Air

In the third episode, the lovable puppy that is Sam Obisanya does a photoshoot for Dubai Air, their biggest sponsor and the one displayed on all of Richmond’s jerseys. When he tells his father, whom his heartwarming relationship with is list-worthy on its own, Sam’s father is disappointed by the campaign.

Dubai Air is owned by an oil company that has caused significant environmental damage to Sam’s native Nigeria. This causes Sam to ask Rebecca and Keeley if they can help him pull out of the campaign, which they are happy to do. However, this causes problems with the CEO of Cerithium Oil, who asks Rebecca to fire Sam.

Refusing to do so and ignoring his calls, Rebecca watches as Richmond’s team enters the football pitch. Everyone is shocked to see that the whole team has taped over the Dubai Air logo emblazoned on their chests.

See, in the locker room, Sam and the other men on the team of Nigerian descent do this in protest, not expecting anyone else to do the same. Jamie Tartt, who has recently returned to the team and is having a hard time ingratiating himself back in, is the first non-Nigerian to tape his jersey.

Because, as he says, they’re a team and they all should be wearing the same thing.

It shows how much Jamie has changed since season one, and how much more willing he is to be a team player.

8. A Very Higgins Christmas

In the Christmas episode of season two, we are treated to a lot of heartwarming moments, but for the purposes of this list, we’ll focus on the subplot of the friendly Communications Director, Leslie Higgins.

Though prior to the series’ start, Higgins had regretfully played a role in Rupert cheating on Rebecca, Higgins is one of the sweetest characters in the whole show, just so happy to be there and be around the sport of soccer.

It’s revealed that every Christmas, he and his family invite the members of the team whose family are in different countries to their house for dinner, an offer that doesn’t normally yield much success. But this year, after the team-building influences of Ted, the Higgins’ house is filled to the brim with the international members of AFC Richmond. They all bring food and refreshments, with one of them even bringing a date, and have a great time playing around with the Higgins children and just spending great quality time together.

It’s so lovely to see how much change Ted has brought to the team and we hope to see more wonderful moments of friendship and togetherness in season three.

7. Roy’s Return

At the end of season one, Roy suffers a career-ending injury. Reluctant to see Ted or go watch his former team play, but still wanting to be around the sport, Roy starts the second season by coaching his niece Phoebe’s team. Keeley has been asked by Sky Sports if Roy would like to be a pundit for Soccer Saturday and he eventually agrees to do it, but it still isn’t fulfilling.

In episode five of season two, Ted asks if Roy will help coach Richmond, but Roy doesn’t want to. However, after Ted convinces him to help get Isaac out of a rut, Roy agrees, as Roy actually respected Isaac and saw his potential for great leadership.

Roy invites Isaac to play with a group of locals one night to remind Isaac that soccer’s just a game they used to play for fun. Ted is impressed, but Roy still rejects his offer to coach.

However, when Roy goes to the television studio to report on Richmond’s latest game, they watch Isaac leading a fun warm-up that seems to baffle the other pundits. Roy has a change of heart and realizes that he’d much rather be at Richmond then there.

He takes his microphone off and makes his way to the pitch, fighting through the pain after he hurts his bad knee. He gets his standing ticket from Ted at will-call and triumphantly walks onto the pitch where he silently accepts his new position as coach.

It’s a gorgeous scene and gives us chills when we hear the cheering from the crowd as Roy strides over to Ted, Beard, and Nate on the pitch. We hope to see more great Roy moments in season three.

6. Rebecca Seeks Out Ted

In the previous season, Ted suffers a panic attack while Rebecca sings karaoke. Despite being in the midst of her revenge plot, she leaves the microphone mid-song and helps talk Ted through his panic attack and calm him down. It was a lovely moment that showed the real Rebecca deep inside of her, and a great moment before their real friendship started.

In the sixth episode of season two, Ted has another panic attack in the middle of a game, and hurries off the pitch. Though Ted lies and says it’s food poisoning, Rebecca immediately knows what’s happening and leaves the pitch to search for him.

She looks everywhere, even going down into the locker room, where she finds his jacket thrown on the ground. She knows something is wrong, but can’t find him, not knowing that he’s actually in the sport’s therapist’s office, waiting for Dr. Sharon to come back so he can schedule an appointment.

And though Rebecca ultimately doesn’t find Ted, it’s so sweet and heartwarming to see how quick she rushes to action. It shows how rich their friendship is and how much she truly cares for Ted.

Though the two don’t have as many moments together in season two as they did in season one, we hope that in season three they spend some quality time together and show us more of their beautiful friendship.

5. Higgins Tells Beard What’s Up

Starting in season one, Beard embarks on a relationship with a woman he met in a chess club, named Jane. While it begins fairly uneventfully, in season two it’s revealed that their relationship is quite toxic and Jane is actually awful for Beard.

After hearing so much about the tumultuous off-and-on relationship and finding out that they’re back together again, Higgins expresses his concerns to Ted and Nate. The latter two tell Higgins that talking to Beard about it is a bad idea and that he should keep his thoughts to himself.

Later, Higgins tries to get another perspective on the matter. He mentions things to Rebecca and Keeley, but he is once again told to keep his mouth shut. Rebecca tells him how her parents have been splitting up briefly every few years and then getting back together, and how she nearly ruined her relationship with her mother by supporting her actions the first time it happened.

Higgins doesn’t agree, however, and resolves to tell Beard because he truly cares about him. And he does so after the game.

Though Beard at first appears to be in a silent rage, he winds up giving Higgins a hug because Beard is wise enough to understand what a good friend Higgins was by doing that.

Unfortunately, Beard meets up with Jane right after and continues their horrible relationship.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?

4. Rebecca and Sam’s Non-Date

After Rebecca’s initial relationship with the just fine John fizzles out, she starts using dating apps to get back on the scene. And while she enjoys casual sex with a hot younger man, she starts using a new app called Bantr, which Keeley has finagled to be Richmond’s new top sponsor.

The beauty of Bantr is that it’s a messaging-only service, forcing its users to develop a connection without seeing the other person or even knowing their name until they meet in person.

Operating as Bossgirl, Rebecca starts talking to someone known as LDN152, and develops strong feelings for the stranger. But when he suggests meeting up in person, Rebecca is very reluctant. Though he may make her feel like she’s been struck by fucking lightning, Rebecca is afraid of falling in love with someone and getting hurt again.

She doesn’t respond at first, but then LDN152 texts her again, telling her where and when he’ll be for their first date and hoping she’ll be there too.

Now, at this point the audience already knows her mystery suitor is none other than Sam Obisanya, which is a little controversial considering he might not even be 21 at this point. Oh yeah, and she’s his boss. Rebecca even acknowledges this when they realize they’ve been talking to each other.

Rebecca tries to leave the restaurant, but Sam convinces her to stay and just have dinner and a nice conversation with him. She relents, and while we don’t get to hear anything they talk about on their non-date, we can see that they both are having a wonderful time together.

Though, as mentioned before, the coupling is controversial, we at ViewSink can’t deny how nice it is to see Rebecca happy, especially after her years of torment from Rupert.

3. Roy Hugs Jamie

One of the recurring subplots of season one was the rivalry between Roy and Jamie Tartt. They were both two incredible soccer players, one in their prime, the other fading out as he got older, and they were also both at separate times involved with the same woman.

If one doesn’t know much about Roy Kent, they at leas know that Roy despises Jamie, even while Jamie’s season two redemption arc is in full swing.

But in episode eight, after Richmond loses to Manchester City, the team Jamie was originally loaned from and sent back to in the season prior, their locker room at Wembley gets visited by an unwelcome figure. Jamie’s father, the man who abandoned him until he showed promise at soccer, the man who threw a shoe at his head and screamed in his face for passing, enters the somber room to gloat about Manchester City winning.

Jamie’s father (in name only) starts razzing the team, then tries to take advantage of Jamie for access to the pitch. When Jamie tells him no, James calls him a “moody bitch,” and Jamie calmly tells him not to talk to him like that, which sets James off. He starts abusing his son in front of everyone, which shows Jamie’s teammates exactly why Jamie was the way he was last season.

The abuse culminates in Jamie punching his father in the face, then James getting restrained by Beard when he tries to fight back, and getting kicked out of the locker room.

And while we at ViewSink don’t condone violence, and we are not necessarily celebrating the punch itself, we love that Jamie was finally able to fight back, even if he was terrified of his own actions.

Also, as per the subtitle, the heartwarming moment is clearly not the punch, but the aftermath.

The locker room goes silent for a moment as they absorb what just happened, then Roy Kent of all people approaches Jamie and gives him a big hug. Jamie tearfully hugs him back, seeking comfort from the man who once was his archnemesis.

2. The Funeral

In episode 10, Rebecca learns that her father has passed away. Though Rebecca lost a lot of respect for her father after she walked in on him cheating on her mother when she was younger–incidentally the same exact day Ted’s father committed suicide, but that’s another thing–she is still heartbroken over the death.

When news gets back to the team, everyone attends the funeral, including Coach Beard and Higgins. Captain Isaac informs his teammates beforehand that they’re all expected to dress appropriately, including their footwear. This news is hard for some of them to hear, hell, Dani Rojas can hardly walk around because he’s in so much pain from wearing his dress shoes, but it’s a sacrifice the members of AFC Richmond are willing to make out of respect for Rebecca.

And though Rupert arrives with his new family, ostensibly to torture Rebecca some more, even he cannot ruin the heartwarming vibes. Rebecca truly feels the love when she interrupts her own eulogy to sing her parents’ favorite song, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and most, if not all, of the congregation sings along.

After being made to feel like someone who doesn’t deserve love and respect, watching Rebecca see how much the people around her care is beautiful to see. We at ViewSink hope to see Rebecca realize these kinds of things more and more in season three.

1. Keeley’s Tells Rebecca

In the first season, we were shown how the wonderful friendship between Keeley and Rebecca grew. And in season two the women were still best friends, hanging out together in Rebecca’s office, talking about boys, and just boosting each other up.

That’s why Keeley saying goodbye to Rebecca was as heartwarming as it was sad in the season finale.

Keeley’s incredible work for Richmond had caught the attention of the venture capital firm behind Bantr and they offered to back her in creating her own independent PR firm.

When she tells Rebecca the news, they both cry and hug, because while it’s sad that Keeley won’t be around as much, Rebecca is so proud of Keeley and all the work that she’s done. They part as friends, so happy for each other, and that is why this moment is on this list.

Too many times women are portrayed on-screen as rivals and enemies, usually fighting over men, or hating each other for seemingly no reason. And though we at ViewSink know Ted Lasso isn’t the only show that features two women being non-toxic friends, their example of friendship should be highlighted as one of the best in modern media.

Well, there you have it (again). Another season, another top 10 list of the most heartwarming Ted Lasso moments. We know we couldn’t fit it all in one list, so let us know the moments that we missed.

And be more like Higgins (just don’t, you know, facilitate your boss cheating on his wife).