You Don't Need an Eye for Mystery to Find Great Deals in Steam's Puzzle Fest

Puzzle fans will love Steam’s sale while RPG fans should check out GOG’s sale before it’s over.

You Don't Need an Eye for Mystery to Find Great Deals in Steam's Puzzle Fest

There’s a certain type of allure to a good puzzle. Maybe it’s due to me being addicted to D&D but I love brainteasers. Valve’s got puzzles aficionados covered in their latest game fest. The Steam Puzzle Fest started April 24th (I meant to cover this several days ago but the news cycle had other ideas) and will run until May 1st featuring games like Escape Simulator for 25% off ($11.24) and the Myst remake at 35% off (19.49).

The highly regarded The Room franchise is also on sale either as a 4 game bundle for $16.16 (35%) or with the first one only being a dollar and the third being only $3. Each game is at least rated playable on Deck and all have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Anyone that might have waited to grab Tetris Effect Connected or Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 now have the perfect opportunity to pick these games up for 50% off ($19.99 for Tetris Effect) and 75% off ($7.49 for Puyo Puyo).

Puzzle Fest 2023

While I always get excited about the various Steam game fests, I did want to highlight other deals going on. I had intended to write this up a few days before but unfortunately now there’s only (at the time of writing) only 12 hours left for the GOG “Travelling Sale”. Some RPG heavy hitters have huge discounts like The Witcher franchise with The Witcher 3: Complete Edition coming in at $14.99 (70% off) and The Witcher 2 at $2.99 (85% off).

Any Dragon Age fans who recently finished Netflix’s Dragon Age Absolution like me will love to see Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition at $4.99 (75% off). One important note for that game is getting the DLC to work is a hassle so please read up on that before purchasing. I tried to get the game to recognize the DLC for my Deck until caving and buying the Ultimate Edition again on Steam which has no such issues.

The cult classic Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is also $4.79 (84% off) so if you’ve never heard of that be sure to take a look.RPG fans aren’t the only ones getting great deals here as the Tomb Raider franchise is up to 89% off and interestingly enough the Saints Row franchise is 75% off. If you miss the Travelling Sale then you can catch the Crab Day Sale which has another day left featuring games like Cult of the Lamb at 35% off ($16.24).


Finally for the next 6 days Humble Bundle is having its April Indie Sellathon sale with games like 7 Days to Die at 76% off ($5.99), party platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse at 50% off ($7.49), the beautiful adventure Sable at 60% off ($9.99), and The Ascent at 70% off ($8.99). There’s a lot of gems to find in this Indie Sellathon so poke around and see if you find anything that grabs your attention. You never know what indie might turn into your next obsession.

April Indie Sellathon | Humble Store

So any sales you’re most excited for? Are you able to grab anything from the Travelling Sale in time? Any indies you want to recommend? Let us know in the comments down below!