Bazzite's latest gives us a fresh take on the "SteamOS-like" system

Bazzite is a Linux distribution that seeks to improve on Valve's system software. Thanks to open source and the power of passionate developers, Bazzite's delivering on that vision.

Bazzite's latest gives us a fresh take on the "SteamOS-like" system

So Bazzite 1.1 is out now. Bazzite is a project that’s been on my radar. But if you haven’t heard of it, well… you’re in for a surprise. Bazzite is an alternative operating system for the Steam Deck and desktop PCs. It’s a SteamOS-like operating system that comes with many conveniences pre-installed.

For example, the following software is pre-installed:

  • OpenRGB allows you to control any RGB peripherals
  • GCAdapter_OC allows you to overclock the Gamecube Controller adapter to 1000hz polling
  • Waydroid allows you to run Android applications
  • The Nix package manager gives you access to an enormous repository of Linux software
  • The System76 scheduler tweaks system process priority to optimize the gaming experience
  • Multiple Xbox controller drivers provide greater functionality with Xbox peripherals
  • And the proprietary Nvidia drivers give this OS better hardware compatibility

Bazzite bills itself as an Alternative to SteamOS and quote “a ready-to-game SteamOS-like for desktop computers and living room home theater PCs.”

This latest version includes a ton of new features including

  • Calibrated color profiles for matte and reflective Steam Deck displays
  • The ROM Properties shell extension
  • Updated emoji font
  • Greenlight Xbox Cloud client updated to 2.0
  • And a myriad of other features!

Bazzite is an interesting project that I’m extremely excited to share with you. Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment and let me know!