Create Your Own Dino Kingdom and Build Your Hero's Army in March's Humble Bundle Choice

From Jurassic World 2: Evolution’s park management, to Hero Hour’s turn-based strategy, and Biomutant’s open world action.

Create Your Own Dino Kingdom and Build Your Hero's Army in March's Humble Bundle Choice

Last month it was pretty easy for me to find a theme since all the headliners were RPGs of some kind. This month it was far more challenging coming up with a good title to describe this month’s bundle. That’s at least a good thing if you were hoping for a bit more variety in game genres. Let’s go through this month’s games in a quick round-up.

Jurassic World 2: Evolution

From the developers of Planet Coaster and, well, Jurassic World is the next installment in questionable tourist attractions. Any fan of the park management genre should be pretty excited for this one since it improves on what its successful predecessor brought to the table. Park management games aren’t quite my speed, but as soon as you add dinosaurs you get my attention. Add narration by Jeff Goldblum and you’ve got a game worth at least trying if not sinking hours into.

And hey, if you get bored, just delete the fences to the dinosaur enclosures. This game’s historic low price seems to be $15 so just the price of the bundle makes this an absolute steal for a Steam game with a 85% positive rating. This game is also verified on Deck/Gold rated on ProtonDB. A sweet deal on a game that’s perfect for the Steam Deck? You love to see it.

Hero's Hour

So this one wasn’t obvious to me exactly what the game was so I quickly read a review by Brendan Caldwell at Rock Paper Shotgun. What it seems like to me is Mount & Blade in terms of directing your armies for conquest and Rimworld for its procedurally generated world and encounters. Brendan describes the game as, “like eating a fistful of random jelly beans,” so I can’t say this will appeal to everyone’s taste, but if you’re already interested maybe it’ll be your new obsession.

It’s got a Steam rating of 78% positive and the game is Deck verified/Platinum ProtonDB rating. Historic low price for this has been $4 on but again if you’re interested in Jurassic World 2 then month’s Choice should be an instant buy.


Biomutant hasn’t had the best run. It came out to mixed scores landing it a OpenCritic Rating of Fair with a 67% positive Steam rating. Critics cited the game’s repetitive nature and repetitive open-world gameplay. There were also technical issues like sounds missing as SkillUp highlighted in his review video at the time. If you are interested in other thoughts on the game, Jake Baldino at gameranx has a little more positive review. Regardless, there’s still a part of me that’s interested just on the basis of the graphic design and weird anamorphic characters.

I’m actually happy to see this game in this month’s Choice though. In my opinion I think the purpose of Humble Bundle Choice is:

1) Give you a good deal on curated games
2) Highlight many indies you may never consider, and
3) Give games a second chance

I think some people will find something to like about Biomutant and for the price of $12 (which is lower than its $15 historic low) this is a pretty low risk, plus you get seven other games. I’m going to at least give it a shot on my Deck because it’s Playable on Deck/Platinum on ProtonDB.

Again another month where all the headliners play nice with the Steam Deck. It’s interesting to me that this seems to be a trend and yet Humble Bundle does not make a native Linux version of its Humble Games Collection launcher. It is possible to get the launcher working on the Steam Deck which allows you to access a number of Humble published games and fifty more indies, it just took me a lot more trial and error at the time.

Going forward I hope I can say in my Monthly Choice summaries, “and don’t forget to check out the Humble Games Collection,” but until it’s natively on the Steam Deck I probably won’t be highlighting that admittedly cool perk of Choice.

Of course, these are only the headliners, and what Choice bundle would be complete without some strong indies. For this month we got the additional five games:

Edge of Eternity - Turned-based RPG. Verified on Deck along with a Gold Rating on ProtonDB.

Rogue Lords - Gothic turned-based Roguelite. It's not supported by the Deck, however it does have a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

Demon Turf - Comedic 3D platformer. Verified on Deck with a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

Golden Light - Honestly this one's a weird one. Procedurally generated, psychedelic, horror FPS. It currently has an unknown status for Deck compatibility but it's got a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

Monster Crown - Turn-based Creature Collector. It’s playable on Deck since it’s a native Linux game.

This month, while not as interesting to me as last month, is still a pretty good month especially for Jurassic Park fans. I’m going to probably jump into Biomutant out of curiosity and then switch over to Hero’s Hour to figure out exactly what a “fist full of jelly beans” plays like.

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