dbrand begins shipping their Killswitch Steam Deck case

dbrand begins shipping their Killswitch Steam Deck case
Source: dbrand

So it seems dbrand is bringing their revamped Killswitch case to market.

In case you missed it, dbrand began taking preorders for their original Killswitch case last year which included a magnetic accessory mounting system.

They had manufactured tons of cases, sent them out to reviewers like myself, and were about to start shipping orders... but then The Verge realized that the magnets were negatively impacting the delta cooling fan on some Steam Decks.

Through their testing of the Deck, dbrand never encountered the delta fan since Valve had switched to the huaying fan. Well, dbrand did the right thing and delayed the case until they could come up with a mechanical attachment system that wouldn't potentially harm Steam Deck hardware. And it seems they've come up with a solution.

This new case should be safe to use on any Deck, includes a mechanical attachment point, and dbrand plans to release the STL file so that the community can make attachments for the case!

According to dbrand's official Twitter account, they plan to be shipping their redesigned case throughout the rest of Q1 2023.

I've been in contact with their team and I should have a review of the new Killswitch by the end of the month! Get subscribed to ViewSink so you don't miss that!