EmuDeck Devs Tease Exciting New Features in Interview

EmuDeck will add more emulators, more device support, and more user-friendly UI features.

EmuDeck Devs Tease Exciting New Features in Interview

In a recent interview with Overkill.WTF, the EmuDeck developers shared some new features coming down the pipeline. They’re working on an Android APK, some more emulators including the Cemu AppImage, the ability to import games from a USB drive, and even an EmuDeck store. This store would feature homebrew games made by the community available for download. The devs will continue to refine the UI and make it more approachable as well.

EmuDeck update brings new emulators, better UI, ES-DE 2.0
A new version of EmuDeck is in the works, with a big focus on UI improvements, the introduction of a new store, new emulators and much more.

All in all it sounds awesome to see EmuDeck grow and evolve into a platform of its own. I still firmly believe that EmuDeck is one of the best ways to experience classic games on the Steam Deck with the dead simple install and configuration. If you haven’t installed EmuDeck or want to learn more, Gardiner has a video highlighting this fantastic project.

So tell us what games you’re emulating on Deck. Are you excited for the EmuDeck store and homebrew games to be added? Are you a fan of COD Zombies and do you play it on Deck? Let us know in those comments down below!