HDR on Steam Deck is coming... eventually.

HDR on Steam Deck is coming... eventually.
Source: https://twitter.com/Plagman2/status/1611149273894387715/

Since my previous video on Friday we've continued to see Steam Deck point-man Pierre-Loup Griffais excitedly tweeting about his experimentation with Linux's nascent HDR output. HDR video has been a long time coming, too. While Windows has supported true HDR video output for years, Linux has lagged behind.

But now, thanks to the work of open source engineer Josh Ashton, Linux now has true HDR output for games!

In Pierre-Loup's latest tweet about this subject, he has managed to get HDR output from a Steam Deck through HDMI on a current-gen OLED screen!

What's truly heartening about this is that it looks like it's the same model of TV I have. It's pretty impressive to see!

When will this land on the Steam Deck? Well, Pierre-Loup said:

HDR working on a docked Deck connected to a current-gen LG OLED through HDMI! Again still needs a ton of work but making good progress.

So it may be a ways out. But who really knows at this point. An update like this would require a SteamOS upgrade and those are usually done quarterly. So spring or summer this year would probably be the earliest we'll see them.