Some added RGB to their Steam Deck using JSAUX's transparent back plate and we're living for it.

The Steam Deck modding scene is already taking off thanks to 3rd party accessories.

Some added RGB to their Steam Deck using JSAUX's transparent back plate and we're living for it.
Printables user LWC shows us their 3D printed JSAUX fan mount.

Update: The rumor of multiple new JSAUX back plate colors has since been confirmed by Liam Dawe on the Gaming On Linux YouTube channel. The original article is as follows.

Update 2: u/CalcProgrammer1 on r/SteamDeck has reported that their Steam Deck controller stopped working after performing their RGBDeck mod. They go on to explain what componant failed and recommend not performing the mod for now.

Even before the launch of the Steam Deck, the handheld looked to be a tinkerer's dream with Valve releasing the Steam Deck CAD files to the public. This is what most likely helped 3rd party accessory makers like dbrand, Deckmate, and JSAUX provide us with a steady stream of great accessories to trick out our favorite handheld PC. JSAUX in particular has been pumping out products left and right and the latest one to get the internet buzzing is their transparent back plate.

There's something about transparent plastic casing that tickles our nostalgia. I do think the back plate is pretty rad, but I'm not sure I agree with the decision to put a metal plate on the back as Taki Udon points out in his review the plate becomes hot to the touch.

JSAUX is reported to be releasing at least two additional colors, however in a Reddit thread earlier today u/StonedEdge report back plate customers receiving an email from JSAUX announcing additional colors. I have not received a copy of this email so I can only classify this as a rumor for now.

This back plate has inspired some to go the extra mile when adding some flair to their Deck. The first post of a RGB filled Steam Deck came from u/WUBBSY on the r/SteamDeck subreddit, it really elevates the transparent back plate to a trademark PC gamer level.

Photo by u/WUBBSY showing off their RGB Steam Deck

Some modders have gone a more practical(?) route with their use of the back plate like LWC on Printable. They claim their "Steam Cooler", a 3D printed fan mount and accompanying thermal mod can lower the Deck's temperature by up to 17° Celsius. They mention you need to watch out for condensation as it could kill your handheld so between the added bulk and the risk of Deck death I'll probably leave this one for others to try.

People hot rodding their Steam Deck is nothing new. As soon as the Steam Deck released we've seen the likes of LinusTechTips and UFD Tech perform wacky modifications like LTT manufacturing a removable heatsink block for the Steam Deck or even UFD Tech connecting a full desktop GPU to the Steam Deck's SATA slot. You know, for when you want a high powered gaming PC, but with extra steps.

I'm honestly surprised I haven't Steve from Gamers Nexus or Jay from JayzTwoCents try cooling the Steam Deck with liquid nitrogen at this point. Fingers crossed someone's next mod is something like the Handy Boy to for that bulky 90s handheld vibe.

So will you be picking up the JSAUX transparent back plate? Are you going to be trying your own mods to jazz up your Steam Deck. Let us know in the comments below and please send us what you come up with. Who knows, you might end up being the subject a future article.