LAN transfer is so close we can taste it!

LAN transfer is so close we can taste it!

So LAN transfers look like they'll be rolling out sooner rather than later on the Steam Deck. This is according to a post by reddit user jetofff in the Steam Deck subreddit.

Jetofff shared a screenshot of the Steam Deck beta client which a game option for "Game File Transfer over Local Network."

It says, quote:

If this is enabled, Steam allows to transfer game files from other PCs on your local network, reducing your internet traffic while downloading or updating a game.

The options are:

Don't allow any local transfers, Allow transfers from my own PC, Allow transfers from my Steam Friends, Allow transfers from any user

According to jetofff, the settings are visible to him in Big Picture Mode as well as in Game Mode, but selecting the option doesn't do anything and the setting won't stick.
How soon will we be seeing this feature roll out? I'd like to see it in February as we've been reporting on it for seemingly ages and it will be a neat feature that will save bandwidth and speed up downloads for folks who have slow or limited internet connections.