New Beta Client update for Steam Deck

New Beta Client update for Steam Deck

Valve released a piping hot Steam Deck Beta Client on Wednesday. This update included several fixes for the client, the desktop Steam experience, Steam Input and more. So let's talk about some of the important changes.

First, one of the more interesting updates here is that when a game in your library is focused or hovered it will show an icon for if the game has partial or full controller support. This is really handy as it's been kinda tedious to figure out which games will be an ideal match for play with the Steam Deck.

And speaking of controllers, Steam Input was given a few upgrades. My favorite change here is: that controller configuration browsing screen can now preview configurations and the selection process now previews, then applies instead of directly selecting the configuration. This should save you from accidentally clobbering your custom setup when browsing community configs.

The virtual keyboard can now be brought up outside of Big Picture Mode and they've resolved some issues with the Paste button being a bit unreliable.

And finally, there were several issues with the desktop Steam client that were fixed.