You can finally befriend a talking space-raccoon and try to outrun Stranger Things' Demogorgon on Deck. Revisit classic DX8 games with D8VK 1.0.

One of Steam’s biggest multiplayer games has finally got Deck Verified and you have the perfect excuse to grab Guardians of the Galaxy 70% off.

You can finally befriend a talking space-raccoon and try to outrun Stranger Things' Demogorgon on Deck. Revisit classic DX8 games with D8VK 1.0.

Today’s an exciting day for any fans of asymmetrical multiplayer and horror like myself. The 24th most popular Steam game, Dead by Daylight, is officially verified on Deck. The game started working on Linux last week, but many people such as myself were waiting to see if the game would return to an unplayable state. Luckily in this case the PR team at Behavior Interactive confirmed this was intentional to make it playable on Linux.

Dead by Daylight joins the ranks of other popular multiplayer games playable on Deck such as Apex Legends (though a little touch and go there), CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Halo Infinite, The Master Chief Collection, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and Warframe (I honestly forgot how big this game got since starting in the beta.)

Dead by Daylight is insanely popular in my friend group so I’m biased, but it’s a great game to play a quick match or two that is something different from your typical battle royale affair.

This being an older title also means you won’t need a lot of power to run the game at a smooth 60 fps and have battery to spare. I cannot recommend this game enough and this might sell some of my friends on a Steam Deck finally.

Not to be outdone, Guardians of the Galaxy also became Deck verified today. Despite being nominated for several award at The Game Awards the year it launched did not sell as well due most likely to the specter of Marvel’s Avengers looming over it.

Because of that, the game has received numerous discounts including today being only -70% off for the next 20 hours. The game is more intensive than the previously mentioned 80s horror simulator but it’s hard to argue $18 isn’t worth it for one of 2021’s underdogs.

If we go a couple of decades back from 2021, you’ll find most games utilizing Microsoft’s Direct3D 8 API. While we’ve seen a lot of success with games using DirectX 11, older games pose a little more of a challenge to bring to the modern age.

The team behind D8VK has finally declared their 1.0 release, “production- ready” showing off screens from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and 3D Mark 2001. So if you have a hankering to revisit the hit classic Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg on the Steam Deck, now you can! Tools like D8VK will go a long way to expanding compatibility and showing the versatility of the Steam Deck as a gaming handheld.

Release Version 1.0 - Croaka-Cola Classic 🟥 🐸 · AlpyneDreams/d8vk
Our pattern of exponential (more like left shift) growth in version number continues. Version 1.0 is the definitive release of d8vk with the widest possible support for Direct3D 8 games and apps on…

So what do you think? Have you been waiting for Dead by Daylight to be playable on Linux like I have? Did you or are you going to pick up Guardians of the Galaxy? Any Direct3D 8 games you’re planning to revisit thanks to D8VK? Let us know in the comments down below!