PlayStation Remote Play just got a massive improvement on the Steam Deck.

PlayStation Remote Play just got a massive improvement on the Steam Deck.

If you haven't heard of Chiaki, we've covered it on my YouTube channel before. Check out the video if you're interested.

But for those of you who want a tl;dw, Remote Play is a feature that allows you to remotely play your PlayStation games on a PC, an Android device, and more. This protocol is able to turn your PlayStation on, it then streams the gameplay from your PlayStation to your device. It's similar in concept to Steam's In-home Streaming.

Well, Chiaki is a free and open source implementation of the Remote Play protocol. This is neat if you're looking to stream your PlayStation games to other devices that lack an official Remote Play client.

Why it's of particular interest to us is that the Steam Deck is just such a system that lacks official support. And that's why Chiaki has come in clutch for so many gamers who dual-wield a PlayStation and a Steam Deck.

But Chiaki isn't perfectly-suited for the Deck. There were many issues that cropped up. Things like missing gyro support, issues with haptics, and being able to open the PlayStation's home menu being chief among them.

Well, with the latest release of the Chiaki fork chiaki4deck, several of these issues have been resolved!

Version 1.3.0 includes:

  • Native gyro support for the Steam Deck
  • DualSense haptics via USB as well as experimental support for Steam Deck haptics
  • Adaptive triggers for the DualSense via USB and Bluetooth
  • Automation script tweaks that include using hostnames and specifying IP addresses
  • Bux fixes and documentation updates, and more!

Chiaki4deck is shaping up to be a perfect match for the Steam Deck and it's great to see the community picking up Sony's slack.

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