Pop some Headshots while Pulling Sweet Flips in Rollerdrome and Experience Kojima's Latest in April's Humble Bundle Choice

Xenomorphs and strange tar monstars are no match to guns and rollerskates.

Pop some Headshots while Pulling Sweet Flips in Rollerdrome and Experience Kojima's Latest in April's Humble Bundle Choice

Another month, another Humble Bundle Choice to get us all excited to see what games we get for our $12 membership. Not as much of a theme going on in April’s Choice, but we’ve got a pretty strong lineup regardless. Anytime Kojima is somehow involved, you at least get everyone’s attention so that’s where we’re starting.

Death’s Stranding: Director’s Cut

The best post-apocalyptic delivery simulator (probably) brought to us by the renowned Hideo Kojima now makes its way into Humble Bundle Choice. Honestly this is a really weird one to describe. I have not personally gone through it yet, but even if I did, what's the best descriptor? Walking postman simulator? Post-apocalyptic survival horror? A Monster Energy commercial? Regardless, Kojima fans will be happy and anyone who finds any of those descriptors interesting will be as well. The Director’s Cut is more accessible than the original so it should be a little easier to get into for those unfamiliar to the game. It has an OpenCritic rating of Mighty along with 93% positive rating on Steam.Historic low for the game is $15.43 so the price of Choice is already the lowest it’s ever been. It’s verified on Deck and has a Gold rating on ProtonDB.


Hell yeah! This is one I purposely help off picking up for my hopes of it coming to Humble Bundle Choice. Tony Hawk’s combined Max Payne, this looks like arcady goodness to me. Roller derby with guns, what more do you need to know? While not as highly rated on OpenCritic, it still has a Strong rating along with 94% positive ratings on Steam. Again we see the historic low price of the game be higher than the cost of Choice at $16.64. Rollerdrome is rated playable on Deck but Platinum on ProtonDB so this will make a perfect fit on the go.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

While not as praised as Alien Isolation, Fireteam Elite looks to be a fun co-op third person shooter set in the Aliens universe. I’ll admit it didn’t capture my attention like Rollerdrome or Death’s Stranding, but there’s something about mowing down hordes of enemies that tickles some part of my lizard brain. Co-op is a must for this genre so it’s good to see that, and nice to see it has some progression like RPG mechanics and customization. OpenCritic does not favor this game however at a rating of Fair but Steam reviews seem better with an 81% positive rating. Even at its historic low of $14.99, it’s still a good deal with Choice’s $12. What might make you give it a shot is that it’s Deck verified with a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

April 2023 Humble Choice
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As always, we can’t finish a Humble Bundle Choice article without mentioning the five indies we get this month. They are:

Life is Strange 2: Complete Season - Sequel to the popular episodic narrative about a teen with strange powers. Native Linux version and Verified on Deck.

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - A dark fantasy visual novel RPG. Verified on Deck and has a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - One of my favorites. A competitive dating simulator filled with jokes and hijinks. Great at parties. Native Linux game and verified on Deck.

Revita - Twin-stick roguelite platformer. Unsupported for Deck, but has a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

Founders' Fortune - A city builder focusing on, “creative building, colonist psychology, and base defense”. Verified on Deck and has a Platinum rating on ProtonDB.

I’m really digging this month, but that’s mostly because I’ve been waiting for Rollerdrome to come to Choice. If you already had one or two of the headliners, this bundle isn’t as strong as say February's Choice or maybe December’s. Still, it’s hard to argue you’re not at least getting $12 in value just from one of the headliners since the lowest price for the three have all been above $12.

Those who like games focused more on narrative I think will walk away from this bundle satisfied with Life is Strange, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante, and yes even Monster Camp. No, I will not stop talking about the Monster Prom series.

What is absent from this bundle, and for the past few bundles, have been any additions to the Humble Games Collection. I would check if Vault got any new games, but I’ve now been signed out of the app on my Steam Deck and it was a headache and a half to even get logged into it.

For all the praise I will give Humble for keeping a lot of their Choice picks working on Deck, they NEED an easier solution to what feels like a hacky solution installing it via Lutris and hoping you’ll get logged into the app.

So what do you think of April’s Choice. Are you going to be picking it up for a specific game? Any games you’d like to see next month? Let us know in the comments down below!