Reacting to LTT's Linux distro video. (It wasn't good)

Reacting to LTT's Linux distro video. (It wasn't good)

Look, I get that the point of the Linus' video was to be like "omgz look at how weird Linux is." It was supposed to be fun and whatever. And much of it was! But the tone of it came off seeming like a regular LTT video. Like an informative how-to or something. The vast majority of the distros they highlighted were practically antiques. And that means that most of the non-Linux users watching his video will get the impression that this is the current state of Linux. Which it isn't.

Of the 10 distros they featured, only two of them were real, useful distros. The rest were, frankly, so old or so memed (or both) that they weren't worth highlighting in a video of this tone. (One of them wasn't even a distro)

The worst offender on this list was Vinux, a (very old and extremely outdated) distro that focused on accessibility for the visually impaired. Frankly, this is the Desktop Environment's job, not the distros. And it was using Ubuntu Unity desktop (and an early version, at that). This was presented without acknowledging the age of the OS, nor when its last release was. They just poked fun at how bad the experience was. But those who don't know better might assume this was "Linux's best attempt" and write Linux devs off as a bunch of amateurs.

I feel like LTT should do better. I know this was meant to be more of an entertaining video, but they missed the mark on so many levels with this video. Clearly, they do not live in the Linux world.

-- Chapters --
00:00 LTT and Linux have a sordid past
01:08 Linux users and their wrong opinions
02:31 LinuxFX
06:06 Justin Bieber Linux and Hannah Montana Linux
07:53 Vinux
09:02 Edubuntu
09:57 RedStar OS
11:55 TinyCore
12:22 SystemRescue
12:55 UwUntu
15:45 An LTT Linux distro?