You can Download over 800 Free Demos All This Week from the First Steam Next Fest of 2023

Valve is celebrating indies all this week in their Steam Next Fest with free demos and indie dev live streams.

You can Download over 800 Free Demos All This Week from the First Steam Next Fest of 2023

We may be a while out from the numerous summer game showcases but that won’t stop Valve from helping us get excited about upcoming games. All this week you can try out any of the 836 indie game demos as well as watching developer live streams. I’ve always enjoyed these events as it helps draws more attention to some really promising-looking games while the news may be focused on AAA releases.

It makes sense why Valve puts so much focus on indies since they’re a great fit for the Steam Deck. No terrible 3rd party launchers to break the game, less graphically demanding, and Valve has worked to improve Steam’s discovery tools so it’s easier to find games to play.

Now I certainly don’t have time for loading over 800 demos on my Deck, but we here at ViewSink are excited for a few:

JACKSON: Darkest Dungeon II is the follow up to the brutal turn-based dungeon crawler of the same name. Maintaining your adventurer’s sanity is as important as preparing for a grueling battle with an eldritch abomination.

Sticking with the theme, The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a “Action Roguelike... Lovecraftian Metroidvania” which are the exact words for me to instantly wishlist it.

What seems to be topping the most popular list is Dark and Darker, a PvE/PvP dark fantasy dungeon crawler. The developers are calling back to classic fantasy adventure games saying, “We stand on the shoulders of giants and strive to pay respects to the traditions of the genre.” The game is currently the top wishlisted game of this Next Fest.

GARDINER: Voidtrain is a game where you build a train through an otherworldly interdimensional void. It has elements of survival and crafting games which are usually up my alley, and the demo seems quite fun. I love the aesthetic here, as well.

EMILY: Fabledom is a laid back City Builder set in a fantasy environment and it just looks so cute! See, I'm one of those millennials who needs constant stimulation, and this looks like the perfect game to play while watching something on TV. What more could I need?

If you haven’t already, head on over to the Next Fest page and see if anything catches you eye. If you see or play something you like, please be sure to wishlist that game as it helps indies out. Plus, it will give you a nice reminder when the game releases. Finally, you can leave a comment below of your favorite games for the rest of us to take a look at!

Steam’s February Next Fest will run from today to the 13th so grab those demos while you can and let us know what you play in the comments below!

Next Fest February 2023 - LIVE NOW!
Steam Next Fest is a week-long celebration featuring hundreds of FREE playable demos as well as developer livestreams and chats. Players try out upcoming games on Steam pre-release, developers gather feedback and build an audience ahead of their Steam launch, everyone wins!