Summer Sale Savings: 16 Great Steam Deck Games!

Summer Sale Savings: 16 Great Steam Deck Games!

Also note that this list is ranked in order of percent off… so stick around to the end for the best deals!

Animal Well - 10% off

First on my list is Animal Well. This is the first title from publisher Big Mode and it's a hell of a first impression. Animal Well is a meticulously crafted Metroidvania that doesn't insult your intelligence with overbearing hand-holding. In fact, it just lets you explore the world at your own pace and figure things out on your own. If you're into Metroidvanias, Animal Well comes with my highest recommendation.

Balatro - 10% off

At 10% off, this rogue-like spin on Poker is absurdly fun and addictive. The goal of the game is to play valid poker hands while incorporating unique Joker cards to power up and defeat your opponents.

It's got an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam and it's one of the best games to play on Steam Deck.

Baldur's Gate III - 20% off

The 2023 Game of the Year is a steal at 20% off. Experience the action and adventure all on your Steam Deck. The game plays well on the device, plus you can still download and utilize mods without sacrificing the handheld experience, which I certainly have done... So strap on your sword, gather your supply packs, and recruit your companions.

Coral Island - 20% off

Coral Island is like Stardew Valley at the beach, with way more mermaids. Though this farming sim is still developing, what it has to offer so far is wonderful. The game features a diverse cast of characters, with some of the most charming portraits I've ever seen. Coral Island has very positive reviews, and at 20% off, the game is well worth the price.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - 25% off

If you like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but wish there was more you could do on a daily basis, then Disney Dreamlight Valley is here for you—and it's 25% off. I love playing this game because not only is the character design adorable, but I also find it very soothing, especially for my inner child.

Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball Deluxe Edition - 28% off

Dudelings: Arcade Sportsball is the first game from my company, Heavy Element. It's a mash-up of Pong and Foosball where you control one of the neutral dudelings at the bottom of the screen. You can cycle through them and make them jump and dash to manipulate the ball. Score points and punch your way to victory while collecting power ups along the way. With multiple game modes to spice up the action and a massive update launching mid July (in fact, there's an open beta now available on Steam), it's a fun multiplayer experience! It's also got a killer soundtrack. The Deluxe Edition (which includes the soundtrack) is 28% off!

Elden Ring - 30% off

Elden Ring is the OG Steam Deck game as far as I'm concerned. It was the first AAA game released after the Deck hit the market and both Valve and developer FromSoftware supported our favorite handheld hardware like a champion. Elden Ring was proof-positive that there's more to the Steam Deck than just the hardware—that Proton was the king among kings. And now Elden Ring is 30% off!

Elden Ring is a game written by George R.R. Martin and it holds to the tough-as-nails tradition of its FromSoftware forebearer, Dark Souls.

Alright, back to the list!

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 - 40% Off

Jackbox Party Pack 7 is here with 40% off, featuring five new games. I love playing these party packs with my friends and family. Gardiner I went down to visit my dads last summer and, let me tell you, I saw a whole other side of my father's sense of humor in just one game of Quiplash.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - 40% off

I was skeptical of Spider-Man Remastered when it first launched. I thought, surely, there's no way that a game of this scale would be playable on the Steam Deck. I was clearly wrong. Not only did it work well, but I sunk more time than I'd like to admit into the game. You play as Spider Man, you sling webs, swing through streets of New York City, and experience a rather compelling story. The fighting mechanics feel great and the game is just a lot of fun to play. It comes highly recommended.

Cyberpunk 2077 - 50% off

Cyberpunk 2077 has come a long way since its initial—quite frankly DISASTEROUS—launch. It's now actually a game worth playing! Cyberpunk is an open-world action-adventure western RPG set in Night City. You play as a mercenary entrapped in an all-or-nothing fight to survive. This game plays well on Deck—though I've had some weird performance issues with it from time to time. At 50% off, it's an easy purchase if you're looking for a game with an intriguing story and enthralling mechanics.

Hades - 60% off

Next up, we have Hades. This is the first Hades—not the new one. I'm a huge fan of Super Giant's games and this has captured the attention of so many Steam Deck players. Hades was ranked in the top 10 most played games on Steam Deck last month

At 60% off, Hades is an excellent, practically endless title with an expansive story.

Spelunky - 75% off

Spelunky is—hands down—my favorite rogue-like. You're an adventurer plumbing the depths of a procedurally generated world. You have a journal of your adventures which gets filled as you encounter new and challenging enemies. Spelunky is tough as nails. Controls are tight and precise, but also unforgiving. Spelunky takes practice and it expects you to "get good" before it will reward you with success. If you're new to the game, good luck making it out of the caves.

During the Summer Sale, Spelunky is 75% off—coming in at a mere $3.74. If you like a challenge and infinite replayability, Spelunky is the game for you.

DOOM - 80% off

No list of mine would be complete without some mention of the Doom franchise. That's why I recommend Doom (2016). Still a graphical and gameplay powerhouse, the first entry in the contemporary franchise is packed to the gills with adrenaline and fun! Slay demons, amass your arsenal, and protect Earth from the hellish horde. Right now, Doom is 80% off and it's worth every penny. If you're looking for a fast-paced, intense, and highly optimized FPS, look no further.

Celeste - 90% off

Celeste is a personal, introspective story coupled with incredibly satisfying 2D side-scrolling. The controls are tight, the story is riveting, the pixel art is beautiful, and music is amazing. Celeste reminds me of other innovative platformers like Braid—where every level introduces a new, unique twist on the gameplay that adds challenge and flavor. At 90% off, Celeste is only $1.99. If you're looking for a platformer and you're on a budget, Celeste is that game.

Portal 2 - 90% off

Portal 2. If you like puzzle games and you haven't played Portal 2, you're in for one of the best story-driven puzzlers of all time. Right now, it's 90% off, it features the voice talents of Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant, J.K. Simmons, and Dee Bradley Baker. It's also one of the funniest games I've ever played. The gameplay is simple. Get to the exit of each puzzle. You have a gun that opens portals which are linked to each other. Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out. The game is $0.99 right now. So you have nothing to lose!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 95% off

Okay, I'm saving an oldie, but a goodie, for last. Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor which I reviewed way back in the day.

Shadow of War is set in Middle-Earth and your goal is to conquer Mordor and confront Dark Lord Sauron and his minions.

I played Shadow of War on my Steam Deck just a little while ago and it is still really fun. I highly recommend the game and—since it's 95% off—the game is just $2.49.

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