The Steam Deck's offline mode gets a (beta) upgrade

The Steam Deck's offline mode gets a (beta) upgrade
Photo by Petar Vukobrat / Unsplash

The Steam Deck is a fantastic device, but one of its rougher edges is how the device handles going offline.

This is something Valve has tried to address across multiple updates since day one. But it's still not something that's been perfected, yet.

However, Valve is pushing a beta update that should see at least a few offline annoyances be resolved.

  • Fixed issue where rebooting while in Steam Offline Mode would cause games to fail to launch
  • Fixed the Cloud Sync error notification popping up when offline
  • Disabled Steam Offline Mode button when not connected to the internet, as trying to do this currently gets Steam Deck into a bad state.
  • This change disables this button but does not in any way affect your ability to play games without an active Internet connection.

Valve ended their blog post with the following:

We're continuing to look at making the user experience of playing games without an Internet connection a better, more intuitive experience.