SteamOS is getting native VR support!

SteamOS is getting native VR support!

We've known for a while that Valve's working on a new VR headset (codenamed Deckard). But details have been relatively scant on this device (though that hasn't stopped Brad Lynch from digging).

Broadly speaking, what we know about Deckard is this:

  • It's a standalone VR headset that reportedly runs on an 64-bit ARM SoC
  • It will run on an ARM version of SteamOS
  • It is also believed that the headset will have a custom x86-based SoC similar to that of the Steam Deck.

And now we know, thanks to more digging from Brad, that Gamescope can now run as a SteamVR overlay.

If you're not familiar with Gamescope, it's in charge of the display output for the Steam Deck while in game mode. It handles which window has focus, simulates exclusive fullscreen for games that don't support borderless windows, rescales windows so they fit the Deck's screen, and allows the Steam Deck client to switch between active applications.

But I have a ton of questions when it comes to Deckard.

  • How will the standalone mode work?
  • Is it using inside-out tracking?
  • Will it wirelessly connect to a PC?
  • Will Valve be able to compete with Facebook's Quest product line?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Valve's Deckard Headset!

EDIT 2023/01/09: This article made some assumptions based on factual errors. They've been removed.