Upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty not supported on Deck. Like a Dragon: Ishin! Already Deck Verified

While one upcoming high profile release won't have official support, the other is already verified on Steam.

Upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty not supported on Deck. Like a Dragon: Ishin! Already Deck Verified
While Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is said to play similarly to the Nioh games, will it eventually see a playable state on Deck?

This week we got some good news and some bad in terms of upcoming ancient hack and slashers. Starting with the bad is that in a recent FAQ published by Team Ninja, publishers of the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, gave the blanket statement:

It is Steam Deck unsupported.

Not a lot of detail in that answer, but if we look at the the developer's previous work with Nioh 1, Nioh 2, and the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection all three are playable on the Steam Deck. I still wouldn't buy this game exclusively to play on the Steam Deck. Hopefully we'll eventually see the game running on our favorite handheld whether or not it's officially supported. Press have already gotten their hands on the game so if you'd like to know more, I recommend SkillUp's video as he does a good balance attention to detail and humor.

Alright so good news to help remind us that some developers and publishers are paying attention to use Steam Deck players. Sega's upcoming Like a Dragon: Ishin! is now verified for the Steam Deck. In a sort of monkey's paw twist the game will have Denuvo DRM. Steam curator Denuvo Games, a steam curator account dedicated to adding informative warnings when games have Denuvo software built in when it inevitably gets removed. Denuvo has been the bane of many legitimate game customers due to how much it impacts game performance and how ineffective it actually is at stopping game pirates. Digital Foundry famously confirmed a cracked version of Resident Evil Village ran better than the legitimate version with Denuvo.

Frustrating DRM aside, it's great to see another big name release already ready to go for the Deck. Are you planning on picking up either game? Both? Let us know in the comments below!