You Can Get Your Hands on the Newly Deck Verified Marvel's Midnight Suns for Free This Weekend

Firaxis Games' superhero tactical cardbattler got Steam Deck verified just in time for you to enjoy this game on the Deck for free this weekend.

You Can Get Your Hands on the Newly Deck Verified Marvel's Midnight Suns for Free This Weekend

Last week the Marvel's Midnight Suns twitter account tweeted out confirmation that the game received an official Steam Deck verified rating and this week the game's Twitter account announced an all-access weekend on Steam from February 16th - 19th.  You'll be able to play through the whole game during the duration of the free weekend, however it's not free to keep. If you did want to keep the game, you can pick it up for a 40% discount on Steam until March 2nd which is close to the historic low at $35.

It's good to see this game get additional promotion and new content like the upcoming Deadpool, "The Good, the bad, and the undead" DLC as this game has not had the best sales performance. Last week Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told Jason Schreir about the game's lackluster sales and chalked it up to a poor release window. The game did release on the same day as the highly (yet poorly reviewed) The Callisto Protocol. Anticipation for The Callisto Protocol was through the roof as the original co-creator of Dead Space, Glen Scholfield, helped drive the narrative that we would see a return of a former franchise's space survival-horror in a new project. What fans got was unfortunately met with middling reviews, but the Dead Space reboot recieved positive reviews.

Jake Baldino on his personal channel discusses his thoughts on The Callisto Protocol

Marvel's Midnight Suns I think along with a bad release date had players nervous with the card battling mechanic and what that meant for monetization. Square Enix's mishandling of Marvel's Avengers trying to make a live-service game to bleed money from Marvel fans left such a bad taste in the gaming community's mouth that other Marvel games suffered as a result. Square Enix released the single-player only Guardians of the Galaxy game which garnered critical recommendations but failed to meet Square Enix's sale's expectations (though Square Enix doesn't seem to have realistic sales goals for its games). When it was revealed the turned-based superhero strategy game had a card based system, players began to become very wary of Marvel's Midnight Suns. It was such a vocal fear that the developers, X-Com's Firaxis Games, had to publicly state the cards could not be purchased before the launch of the game.

I think Marvel's Midnight Suns will have healthier sales as the game's life goes on. The further we get away from Marvel's Avengers and the more Firaxis releases DLC and other discounts I expect more people to find this game to be a good fit for strategy gaming on the go. If you'd like to know more, I'd say watch the review down below, but maybe you should just try it for yourself since it's free this weekend! This time I'm highlighting a review from Jake Baldino to try to give a little more varity of reviewers in my articles.

Jake Baldino reviews Marvel's Midnight Suns for the Gameranx YouTube channel

So will you be playing Marvel's Midnight Suns on your Steam Deck this weekend? Is $35 the right price for you to pull the trigger? Are you an X-Com fan? Let us know what you think down below in those comments!