Steam Deck Beta rolls out along side GloriousEggroll's Proton-GE Hotfix

Valve continues to squash bugs and improve the Deck experience while GloriousEggroll adds UPlay fixes.

Steam Deck Beta rolls out along side GloriousEggroll's Proton-GE  Hotfix

Valve is starting off the week with a Steam Deck Beta client. This one looks to be addressing some rendering errors in the interface, adding a faster way to navigate the library, and configuring the initial location of the Steam overlay keyboard. Previously the keyboard would automatically appear below your cursor if the cursor was at the top of the screen and vice versa. It’s a small update so the full changelog is quoted below.

* Fixed a cause of Steam library, chat and Big Picture Mode browser windows showing all black or not rendering.
* Added fast jump by letter to the library
* Added settings for initial location to show keyboard on desktop and in Steam overlay

Steam Input
* Fix several instances of Left Bumper/Trigger glyphs having the wrong background image

Along with the beta client update, GloriousEggroll also updated both his Proton-GE and Wine-GE releases to include the upstream Ubisoft Uplay fix. Both of these are smaller updates like the Steam Deck Beta release but are welcome updates to see as we recently had Ubisoft push the responsibility of fixing their games for the Deck on Valve.

It’s a pretty bad take from a publisher when Valve has not only been helping devs optimize their games with APIs but they've also been constantly pushing out hotfixes for high profile games that were broken on release (most of the time it’s because of crappy 3rd party launchers so, publishers, could you kindly knock it off?)

Setting aside Ubisoft being generally terrible, it’s always nice to see the Steam Deck continually improve day by day. Not only because of Valve but also the tireless work of the community. If you’d like to support GloriousEggroll’s work you can find a link to his Patreon here. I have no affiliation to him but I do donate to his Patreon and run a Linux distro he maintains called Nobara Linux.

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