Nine Tiny Details You Might've Missed in Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 1

There WILL be spoilers. If you haven't watched Season 3 Episode 1, you'd best do that before reading this article.

Nine Tiny Details You Might've Missed in Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 1

If you're like me, you're hooked on Ted Lasso; one of the most pleasant and simultaneously vulgar shows I've had the pleasure of watching.

And you're also probably just as stoked as I am to see the debut of the long-awaited season three. Well, it aired tonight. And I wanted to celebrate with a little article. So here are nine tiny details you might've missed!

The Opening Shot

Ted Lasso is a carefully crafted series. I think most of the things we see in the show are on purpose. And much has already been said about the opening and closing shots of each season. For those not in the know, each season has started with a close-up on a single character. Season one, we started and ended on Rebecca. Season two: Nate. And these shots mirror each other, showing these characters in much different places by season's end.

And thankfully, this season has started with a close-up of Ted. Why "thankfully?" Because, in my opinion, Ted – despite being the titular character of the show – is the one who has had the least growth.

I suspect, by the end of Season 3, Ted will have fully grown into his role as the manager of AFC Richmond and they will have at least beaten West Ham.


This season also opens with Ted sending his son home to Kansas. And flight was on Ted's mind for the majority of this episode. Not only his son's flight home, but also his own desire to return home.

As the episode progressed I counted at least 8 shots with airplanes in the skies.

In the closing scene, Ted told his son Henry "you know I wouldn't be here if... I didn't believe in what I was doing, right?" But he wasn't really telling his son, that. He was asking. Hoping to be absolved of his absence... only to have Henry drop a truth bomb on him.

"You're there to win the whole thing."

To which a beleaguered Ted, looking for a reason to give up and return home replies, "winning isn't everything."

"But you've gotta try." That was the moment that lit a fire under Ted. Despite Rebecca pleading with him to fight. His son's earnest "you've gotta try" was a transitional moment for him.

"Played FIFA"

When Ted first arrives at the locker room and talks about playing FIFA with his son. Interesting note, if you weren't aware, the latest edition of FIFA features AFC Richmond as a playable team. Just a fun tidbit.


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"She Seems Fun"

In a callback to season two, Rebecca sarcastically said, "She seems fun" about Keeley's new CFO. But the fact is, Beard said the same thing about Dr. Fieldstone in "The Yips."

The Press Conference/Sewer

As I said earlier, Ted Lasso is a very intentional show. Everything we see on screen, the editing... all of it deliberately placed there.

That being said, the sound effect that plays as Nate ducks behind the table at the press conference is similar to when Coach Lasso has a panic attack.

Even more thematically powerful, however, is the juxtaposition of the press conference and sewer. I firmly believe the background of the West Ham press conference is meant to look like the brick walls of the London sewer. Especially in the establishing shot of the press room as the background was slightly out of focus. Similar color, sizing, and everything.

And Ted's speech, talking about "other people's dookie" intercuts with the mudslinging Nate was doing? Tonally brilliant editing. The interleaving of Nate asking if "anyone has another question," with Isaac replying "yeah, I have one" verifies this theory. At least it does to me.

Ice Cream For Dinner

Pheobe has asked Roy if they can have ice cream for dinner on more than one occasion. In this episode, she finally got it. Except it came with the bad news that Roy and Keeley had broken up.

Character Growth

We've seen a lot of character growth in Ted Lasso over the last two seasons. But it's fun to me to realize just how far some of these character have come.

When the Richmond team hears what Nate said about them, Jamie spoke out: "Hey lads, remember it's just poopeh. Let it flow." Which he then followed up with "Bingo a' Ringo." That's one of those Ted-isms that Jamie would have rolled his eyes at in season one.

And when Rebecca said, "Everyone is laughing at our team, at me... Rupert is laughing at me, Ted. And I am begging you, please. Fight back." That's a far cry from where she was at the beginning of the series where she was intentionally trying to make a laughing stock out of Richmond.

The Emperor's Throne Room

The instant I saw Rupert's office, I got the reference.

The window is a undeniable homage to the Emperor's Throne Room in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

It's uncanny

Also, his assistant looks like a Death Star technician.

Use of Tech

One of the most interesting things about this show is how it portrays the use of tech. How for some, technology can be an uplifting and strengthening experience. But for others, it can be harmful and isolating.

This episode was no exception. Every character was getting text messages. Our protagonists got messages that encouraged them. From the very first scene, in fact.

Ted was worried about his son's flight and was looking for constant updates, finally receiving one from his estranged wife that his son returned safely. And this was a turning point for the episode.

Keeley congratulated Rebecca for "letting Ted be Ted."

But, interestingly, our antagonist, Nate, continued his Twitter addiction to isolate himself from others, seeking validation from strangers... only to have the public sentiment turn on him after Ted's press conference.

How does Rupert exploit this? By giving him a brand new sports car. Rewarding his isolation and loyalty.

Furthermore, Nate's mother tells him that his father is upset that he swore on TV. Showing that Nate's support structure consists only of his disapproving parents and his manipulative boss.

So that's everything I noticed after watching this episode two times back to back. But what did I miss? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave me a comment below. We're going to be creating more Ted Lasso content as new episodes roll out so make sure you get subscribed!